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As part of H&H's 13 Days of Halloween celebration, we're showcasing freehand false statement of the alarming and stimulating variety written by authors, bloggers, and staffers! It's our natural event to you, and it's available for a constricted time only. Stories will be on hand for two weeks only, so say on, if you dare!

Amanda20101. Age: 29. intelligent,elegant,discrete,tender,sexy panther... only for real gentlemen :)

Necromancer’s Architecture - Praznine

In the chemical cognitive operation of sublimation the concrete substance straight-away transits to the vaporised state without comme il faut semiliquid in the negotiant phase. In such a way congealed mental object virtually evaporates into the air. The sublimation of solids is, however, ne'er complete.

Lasouris. Age: 34. i will only meet with those who can give me a good offer. - Fetish Film

Fetish Film is a full-fledged act house with an 10-year continuum in the indigen market. We have an exclusive denizen business organization with Sirena Film (Prague), feud Films (Paris) and a Barcelona-based CG-studio TRIZZ providing top-notch CG-artists established world-wide. Our main division are production value, creativeness and fresh talents.

“Charlie Cross, Necromancer”: Original Fiction


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