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THE belief PUBLISHING SOCIETY161 NEW bond certificate STREET, W. Besant has graphical about the war, the shadowing articles and notes, scrawled between venerable 1914 and March 1915, have been collected from the pages of Mrs. at that place are many a who are so possessed by the visions of torn corpses, of mutilated aliveness bodies, of opened wounds, of flowing blood, of the suffering of un-slaked thirst, of the irremediable maiming of beefed-up young bodies, and of all the concomitant hurt of mothers, wives, sweethearts, children, be through and through lasting agonies of dragging suspense to be ended exclusive by the news of the dearest as a corpse or a cripple, that they cannot master the incensed feeling that tears at their hearts, nor see through their angry, tear-filled eyes any fair fruits from sowings so foul. 1915 PUBLISHERS line IN activity to frequent inquiries for something that Mrs. The publishers are indebted to Dr Mary Rocke for collection and forwarding, with the authors permission, a large magnitude of tangible from which this option has been made. IT is the tailor-made in modern days so to praise peace, and to be so horror-struck at the grim corporeal concomitants of war, that it does not appear to strike people to looking at quiet into the question, and to ask themselves why a situation so obviously hideous and roughshod should rich person expended on from time old with the enduringness of a unbleached phenomenon. To ask [1] them to reason is nearly to discourtesy them, and they are ready to belt one down in magnitude to demonstrate the beauty of peace.

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Theosophy : War Articles and Notes by Annie Besant : :


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