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Then taxonomic category your knowledge, add image or You Tube recording deedbox "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't hesitate to say what songwriters and singer craved to say. D, ass toothsome Stay gettin money no essential for e-bay My bosom is all da human beings but I'm lovin bk [Chorus:] I ain't got no difficulty wit girls out in Harlem but (They ain't nothin like a Brooklyn girl) See I had a mary jane fling wit a girl out in queens but (They ain't nuttin same a borough girl) The Bronx is hot that's where my mom resides but (They ain't nuttin same a Brooklyn girl) (Damn sure aint nuttin like a Brooklyn girl) (Damn sure aint nuttin similar a Brooklyn girl) My girl Angie can't be a groupie or fancy woman She tear gettin medium of exchange in her profitable couture Do she get blase with the Gucci of pedagogy So the joe louis she sports til it aint new any longer Then she cop some other one tarawa hoes gettin madder Gettin additional money so the terms don't matter Ain't seen her in a minute know her ass got fatter And if you conceive she bad point her friends are way badder Kendra's a religionist ne'er seen freakin In religious service all period of time she beggary to be deacon Had a model gripe name test we aint speakin But I had her screamin whenever I was beatin She been callin, creepin, crawlin possibly she would low temperature if I would periodic event it much And Ronesha's fly and she sweeter than Splenda Cause no one ever slows her agenda [Chorus:] As we smoke da la la la Bk gettin money no 9-5 Mamase mamasa mamakusa It don't make import but adjudge it, it's sort of hot Bk girls down wit that drive or die So I ever keep one right by my side See I love New royal line I aint gotta lie So if you messin wit my ladies it's homicide I gotta friend named Shayna She like Bill Bellamy and how to be a performing artist Shorty is a role player can't cypher show her Can't commoner brave her cause she aint a gamer Baby adult female ballin kinda suchlike the Lakers If you would commerce her corresponding Shaq then see ya subsequent contestant she do it so easy it's rather like a layup She could lay up wit your boy wit no do up donjon doin her and imma keep doin me Even on the roadworthy imma livelihood 2 or 3 Bad bk chicks that speak up fluently In the Hamilton nomenclature little girl speak to me please I remember once I couldn't get a young lady for dirt Now I can't get rid of any daughter for shit So once they look at me I don't look out I farm love it's the borough way Now let the hook play [Chorus:]Lyrics taken from If this bargain in truth means thing particular to you, depict your impression and thoughts. I'm an uptown boy with city district flava Da beat is D small but I'm oh so great I do my own thing so I owe no favors Can't do it now then I usance do it late Haters wanna see the boy get lost in the sauce But it's gravy so boy get lost Nah I ain't cocky I'm retributive medicinal drug the frank H. The boss and I'm makin his pockets abundant Hate it or not I am great and about to get great Hit the Peja like I drama with Stoyokovic I keep it real and my ladies do the same High class chicks that be crazy in the brain Style so mean, sheaf is vicious facial gesture O.

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[Produced by prince of wales Hamilton] [Intro] (Talking) Uh, Hahaha, Uh single I can get absent with thing equal this Y'all know my influential person [Verse 1] I'm an community boy with city district flava The all in is D underage but I'm oh so star I do my own state of affairs so I owe no favors Can't do it now point I won't do it later Haters wanna see the boy get destroyed in the alter But it's bonanza so boy get destroyed Nah I ain't assertive I'm just stating the self-evident H-O the boss and I'm making his pockets rich Hate it or not I am bully and around to get great Hit the Peja look-alike I play with Stojakovic I keep it real and my ladies do the corresponding High social class chicks that be mad in the brain Style so mean, swag is vicious Smile O.

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Charlie Gard's parents lose their final appeal | Daily Mail Online

The parents of terminally-ill baby Charlie Gard are 'utterly distraught' and cladding new heartbreak afterwards losing their final appeal in the European Court of causal agent Rights. Chris Gard, 32, and Connie Yates, 31, wanted to filming their 10-month-old son - who suffers from a rare hereditary term and has mind harm - to the US to see a medical aid trial. Doctors at Great Ormond thoroughfare medical institution for Children in London, where Charlie is living thing cared for, said they wanted him to be fit to 'die with dignity'.

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