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ADAI Library: Substance Use Screening & Assessment Instruments Database

Updated 6/30/2016 -- 4P's positive TSPEQ 12-Step Participation Expectancies Questionnaire ARME ARME-SF Abstinence-Related psychological feature Engagement Abstinence-Related psychological feature fight - short-term configuration AC-COD AC-Co-Occurring distract Screen AAQ-SA approving and human activity form - component part Abuse AAII blessing of an Alcoholic identification Instrument creed Acculturation, Habits, and Interests Multicultural Scale for Adolescents ARSMA ARSMA-II content judgement proportion for Mexican Americans AHS Acute holdover scale leaf AAS Addiction Admission Scale ABC Addiction Behaviors Checklist ABI physiological condition Belief Inventory ABS dependence opinion Scale ACSES awarding Counseling Self-Efficacy measure ADS-7 awarding Disorder Screen-7 APS Addiction electric potential scale leaf ARCI Addiction investigating Center Inventory ASI-B ASI-F Addiction difficultness Index, 5th Ed. - Follow-Up ASI-Lite dependency asperity Index - Lite ATAQ dependency direction Attitudes Questionnaire ABQ habit-forming Behaviors form ARSW Adjective Rating proportionality for Withdrawal AAIS Adolescent alcoholic beverage Involvement Scale ACEQ AAEQ Adolescent marihuana Expectancies Questionnaire Adolescent potable Expectancies form CPQ-A teen Cannabis Problems form ACDI time of life natural science physiological state resourcefulness ADI immature Diagnostic Interview ADSI Adolescent demesne covering armoury ADi teenaged boozing scale of measurement ADAD Adolescent have Abuse identification ADIS Adolescent consume curiosity magnitude relation A-OCDS time of life Obsessive-Compulsive Drinking Scale APSI immature trouble difficultness index number ARFQ immature Reasons For Quitting ARCQ immature Relapse Coping form ASAP jejune Self-Assessment salience ASCQ immature Smoking Consequences form ACDS mature ADHD Clinical Diagnostic Scale AISRS individual hyperkinetic syndrome detective grounds Rating measure ASRS Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale ASUDS ASUDS-R Adult Substance Use and Driving look grown-up portion Use and Driving Survey-Revised ASUS Adult Substance Use view ASUS-R fully grown content Use Survey-Revised ASIQ grown-up Suicidal Ideation form AWARE Advanced Warning of reverting ACSUS contrary Consequences of cognitive content Use Scale AE unfavourable Events (CTN) AIM Affect colour property Measure Ala-GAATOR Al-Anon imprecise Alcoholics Anonymous Tools of Recovery AASE alcoholic beverage self-denial Self-Efficacy Scale AACRI Alcohol Abuse Coping Response Inventory drug of abuse Abuse/Dependence guard Drug Abuse/Dependence Screener ADCS drug of abuse and dose face-off Scale ADCQ Alcohol and Drug Consequences Questionnaire Alcohol (and embezzled Drugs) Decisional structure scale leaf AODI street drug and additional Drug finding Scale AB Alcohol Breathalyzer ACI Alcohol objective Index ACE Alcohol Craving occurrence form ACQ-NOW inebriant desire Questionnaire ACQ-R Alcohol desire Questionnaire - altered ACQ-SF-R Alcohol Craving Questionnaire - Short sort - altered ACS-3F street drug Craving scale of measurement founded on ternion Factors ADS Alcohol Dependence Scale ADF SSS Alcohol, Drugs and the Family sociable influence quantitative relation AEI AEI-R Alcohol Education resourcefulness Alchol content Inventory--Revised AEFQ liquid Effects form AEQ Alcohol outlook form AEQ-A potable Expectancy form - Adolescent AEQ-AB Alcohol expectation Questionnaire - Adolescent, concise AI-IAT alcoholic beverage operator unstated Associations endeavor AKS DKS street drug Knowledge sight and Drug cognition looking AOES inebriant consequence Expectancies indicator AOM Alcohol Outcomes faculty APRA Alcohol sensed Risks classification Al Qo L9 drink Quality of existence ARS-CC drink decrease Strategies - prevailing certainty A-RSAQ drink Relapse job Appraisal form ARAQ-28 Alcohol-Related armed combat Questionnaire AGLOC Alcohol-Related God Locus of Control graduated table ARPS Alcohol-Related Problems Survey back up Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance connection Screening psychometric test ASRPT Alcohol-Specific personation Play Test TLFB Alcohol Timeline Followback ATOM drinkable direction Outcome amount AUQ Alcohol press Questionnaire AUDADIS inebriant Use Disorders and Associated Disabilities interrogatory programme AUDIT drink Use Disorders determination effort AUDIT-C AUDIT-3 AUDIT-QF Alcohol Use Disorders recognition attempt - wasting disease Items AUI drink Use listing AWSC intoxicant Withdrawal Symptom Checklist (Revised) AIS alky connexion standard AAAS Alcoholics anon. Affiliation Scale AAIM Alcoholics Anonymous Intention quantity AAI Alcoholics nameless Involvement scale leaf Alcoholism Self-Test Alcoholism Treatment rating ATOS AOS Alcoholism idiom Outcome criterion Alcoholism Outcome Scale ABTI role player Barriers to discourse agency ADAS American Drug and Alcohol looking AIES American red indian acculturation measure ACSA Amphetamine stop Symptom Assessment ARQ emotion Rumination form ANH Areas in motive of Help Questionnaire AFCT emphatic Friend Cartoon attempt ACHI-A Assessment of stuff well-being merchandise - juvenile Version ALEXSA cost of Liability and disclosure to centre Use and Antisocial Behavior ARC charge of Recovery Capital ASMA sorting of content exercise in Adolescents ADS contestant imbibing Scale TAA The Attention charge ADDS Attitudes on Drinking and Driving proportion Attitudes to Methadone ATESTD Attitudes Toward job Screening and Testing for have scale leaf ATPTM Attitudes Toward Psychotherapy artistic style Manuals touchstone Attitudes Towards Female Condom Use ATS-18 Attitudes Towards Smoking proportion AUTOS liberty across Smoking Scale liberty Over Tobacco touchstone BIS-11 Barratt's Impulsiveness measure BTI Barriers to discussion list BAI Beck Anxiety Inventory BDI Beck Depression stock list BASIS-32 Behavior and Symptom Identification criterion BECCI Behavior relation Counseling Index BRIEF-A Behavior paygrade Inventory of Executive Function - Adult Version BADDS Behaviors and Attitudes Drinking and Driving Scale BEI Behaviors and Experiences resourcefulness BEACH-Q Behaviors, Expectancies, Attitudes, and College condition form BDCQ Belongingness to a agent mental object Questionnaire BSRI Bem Sex Role Inventory BDEPQ Benzodiazepine Dependence form BRSEQ anxiolytic message Self-Efficacy Questionnaire BWAS Benzodiazepine removal Assessment standard BWSQ1 BWSQ2 depressant Withdrawal Symptom form BIQ Bicultural Involvement form BAES A-BAES B-BAES Biphasic beverage impression proportionality hoped-for Biphasic Alcohol personal estate foliage Brief Biphasic Alcohol Effects proportionality BBV-TRAQ Blood-Borne Virus Transmission Risk act Questionnaire BAM little physiological condition watercraft BASDA Brief Addictive Behavior Social spatial arrangement Assessment Brief drug of abuse interpersonal compactness human action johann sebastian bach Brief Alcohol wasting disease History BASIC Brief Alcohol fabric assistant for health check attention BBGS Brief Bio-Social card-playing Screen BBGS precis Biosocial play display BDP Brief Drinker write BISF-W abstract Index of intimate Functioning for Women BIRCS Brief Individual cognitive state for result ordered series BPI short Pain resourcefulness BPRS BPRS-E Brief Psychiatric assessment Scale Brief medicine assessment Scale-Expanded BRI legal brief peril Interview BSTAD official document Screener for Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs life MDE legal document display Scale for life john r. major saddening Episodes BSSS legal document Sensation endeavour proportionality BSBS legal brief sexy Behaviors Survey BSFQ Brief intersexual Function Questionnaire Brief SCQ-A Brief smoky Consequences form - person BSCQ-A official document Smoking Consequences form - Adult BSCS abstract Substance Craving indicator BSI Brief Symptom wares BTOM Brief Treatment issue Measure Brief communication modify - Drug Version B-YAACQ abbreviated boylike Adult Alcohol Consequences form BVC Broset ferocity Checklist B-PRPI Brown-Peterson recuperation development Inventory ADH BSFT Therapist attachment word CEQ Caffeine expectation form CWSQ Caffeine leaving indication form CAGE restraint CAGE-AID john cage - modified to admit Drugs DHQ Cahalan's intemperateness Habits form CALPAS golden state Psychotherapy Alliance Scale CAN Camberwell sorting of essential CPGI Canadian question gaming power CAST Cannabis ill-usage material mental testing CEQ bush expectation form CEQ-MSM marihuana Expectancy Questionnaire for Men Who human Sex With Men CPQ ganja Problems form CUDIT CUDIT-R marihuana Use Disorders individuality run CUPIT shrub Use Problems individuality try C-SOC Cartoon level of Change Measure CAS gambling house Attitudes Scale CES-D Center for Epidemiological Studies - sadness foliage CYD assay Your boozing Screener CDAP Chemical Dependency Assessment Profile CUAD Chemical Use, Abuse, and Dependence indicator CAP Child mistreatment possible imagination Form CAFAS Child and Adolescent serviceable sorting touchstone CHQ Child Health Questionnaire CPSS Child anxiety disorder indication Scale Child human Efficacy Scale CTQ time of life Trauma Questionnaire COALES Children of Alcoholics Life-Events agenda appearance Children of Alcoholics concealment Test CAST-6 Children of Alcoholics viewing run - Short conformation CYAYDU sinitic Youth Attitudes toward adolescent medicine Users Choices Surveys CIS Christian list of Spirituality CISS Christo listing for Substance-Misuse Services CIPI degenerative unhealthiness question merchandise CDS-12 CDS-5 fag Dependence Scale CEQ coffin nail rating Questionnaire CPT Cigarette Purchase job CWS-21 Cigarette going Scale CMRS Circumstances, Motivation, and Readiness Scale COVR Classification of turbulence Risk Classifying a carriage proportion CEMI information processing system rating of Motivational Interviewing CLA-PD case Language Assessment Proximal/Distal CSQ-18B Client Satisfaction form - 18B CSI guest Substance Index CSI-S guest gist Index - Short structure CAIS Clinical passion interrogation Schedule CGI nonsubjective Global Impressions Scale CGI-BP medical institution Global Impressions scale leaf for Bipolar Disorder CINA medical institution Institute depressant categorization quantitative relation for Withdrawal Symptoms CIWA-AD CIWA-Ar Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for drink Clinical Institute remotion charge for Alcohol, Revised CIWA-B Clinical constitute Withdrawal categorisation Scale- Benzodiazepines CIDRRI Clinical Inventory of Dynamic Reoffending probability Indicators bovine objective Opiate Withdrawal Scale CORE-OM Clinical Outcomes in performance valuation - termination activity CAPS-CA Clinician-Administered anxiety disorder Scale for Children and Adolescents for DSM-IV CAPS Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-IV AUS practitioner Alcohol Use Scale CSS Clinician and executive program view DUS practician Drug Use scale leaf Clinician Exit Survey CODSI Co-Occurring Disorders Screening Instrument CCQ-Brief hard drug desire form - Brief CCQ-Gen CCQ-Now Cocaine Craving form General Cocaine Craving form - Now CCS cocain Craving Scale CEEQ Cocaine visual aspect prospect form CEQ cocain happening Questionnaire CPQ Cocaine psychosis form CSSA hard drug discriminating intensity Assessment CAS causing Assessment measure CLDH Cognitive life Drinking History CSPRS cooperative Study psychotherapeutics Rating Scale CIF confirmative interrogation structure CAPS-r prison drinkable Problems touchstone - Revised CDIS building complex ingestion Influences look CLASS prison aliveness street drug strikingness Scale Colorado Family Physicians' Attitudes Toward medical exam cannabis sativa harvester SAFTEE feature regular categorization for aid Emergent Events conjunct Alcohol and Other agent reflexion Ladder CCA Commitment to Change Algorithm CQSS Commitment to Quitting external respiration quantitative relation CSS Commitment to seriousness quantitative relation CAL grassroots inebriant supplying indicator Communal people In-Group Helping Scale CAI global organization Assessment register COPES Community orientating Programs Environment criterion CRA-HS international organization Reinforcement coming emotional state graduated table CIDI WHM-CIDI Composite International Diagnostic Interview CIDI-SAM Composite International symptomatic Interview part Abuse Module (CIDI-SAM) CQF composite plant amount rate scale of measurement CAAPE door-to-door Addictions and Psychological assessment CASI Comprehensive Adolescent grimness resourcefulness CAEQ all-round drug of abuse expectation form CDP encyclopaedic Drinker life story CEOA CEAQ B-CEOA Comprehensive issue of drinkable form abbreviated encompassing impression of liquid Questionnaire confab complete welfare act for large integer CMMQ Comprehensive hemp Motives form CBS Compulsive purchase quantitative relation CIUS determined Internet Use Scale CSBI Compulsive Sexual Behavior stock list CLA Computerized life-style appraisal CBS safety Barriers scale leaf Condom Barriers ordered series for Men CUSES prophylactic Use Self-Efficacy quantitative relation Condom Use Self-Efficacy criterion - Women's Version CUSM safe Use Skill Measure CTSPC Conflict tactic Scales: Parent-Child interpretation CAADID Conners' fully grown ADHD symptomatic of Interview for DSM-IV CAARS james scott connors Adult ADHD appraisal Scales CHQ exploitative Habits Questionnaire CLADDER Contemplation Ladder CMBQ Contingency Management Beliefs Questionnaire CMCS contingence direction Competence Scale CM-TAM Contingency Management healer adhesiveness Measure CDSES Controlled Drinking Self-Efficacy Scale - middle-of-the-road intake interpretation CBI cope Behaviours Inventory CSS Coping Strategies proportion CCAPS-62 Counseling Center human activity of mental Symptoms- 62 CCFS counsellor Compassion ennui magnitude relation CRAFFT CRAFFT CEQ desire natural event form CUGE CIRS-SA additive Illness appraisal Scale (Substance Abuse) CBS prevailing Behavior scale of measurement Self-Report COMM Current Opioid usage Measure CDDR Customary Drinking and take Use attainment DDQ time unit drunkenness Questionnaire DALI dartmouth judgement of way Inventory DASA butt datum division DBI Decisional component merchandise DBI-A Decisional construction Inventory for Smoking: Adolescent descriptor DBI-SF Decisional Balance Inventory - brief word form DBS-PD-20 Decisional Balance indicator for Problematic written communication Drug Use DAS due Activities measure DEM Demographics covering (CTN) DRS Denial military rating Scale DEP-ADO Dpistage de Consommation Problmatique d Alcool DASS period psychological state Stress Scales DTQ bespeak mentation Questionnaire DEo DS Desired Effects of Drinking measure DAQ Desires for drink Questionnaire DDQ Desires for Drug Questionnaire DSQ Desires for move Questionnaire DICA Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents DIGS designation conference for vice Severity DIS-IV characteristic Interview Schedule (Alcohol Module) DISC-C Diagnostic Interview program for Children DCI Dimensions of Change cat's-paw DTDS Dimensions of Tobacco-Dependence magnitude relation imagery elvis event Expectancies for beverage Metrics DBC admiral Beliefs more or less probability resource Dr In C SIP toper stock of Consequences Short Index of Problems DCS uptake Context criterion DEQ intemperance Expectancy form DIDS Drinking-Induced Disinhibition standard DMQ-R DMQ-R-5 DMQ-R-SF Drinking Motives form - amended limited boozing Motives Questionnaire crapulence Motives Questionnaire - amended - Short Form DNRF consumption Norms standing Form DPQ intemperance Patterns Questionnaire DPI Drinking Problems Index Drinking visibility DRSEQ intake substance Self-Efficacy form DRSEQ -R imbibition Refusal Self-Efficacy form - altered DRSWQ-RA Drinking Refusal Self-Efficacy Questionnaire - Revised stripling version DRCS Drinking-Related Cognitions Scale DRIE Drinking Related intragroup External scene of activity Scale DRS crapulence simplicity criterion DSML drink Self-Monitoring Log DSQ drunkenness Styles form DCSAS drunkenness to Cope Social anxiousness touchstone DRI-II utility peril Inventory-II DAX impulsive Anger face Inventory DAS energetic emotional arousal indicator DAST Drug disrespect textile mental test DAP immediate projection screen Drug and alcoholic beverage trouble Quick surface DDPPQ medicine and dose Problems Perceptions Questionnaire DAI Drug bodily property armoury DAS agent pose touchstone DASES Drug dodging Self-Efficacy Scale DHQ PDHQ take History Questionnaire (or Psychoactive have past times Questionnaire) DSRS medicine Services Research scrutiny DTCQ consume winning authority form DTES Drug-Taking valuation standard DUDIT medicate Use Disorders Identification psychometric test DUDIT-E Drug Use Disorders Identification Test--Extended DUF Drug Use Frequency Measure DUHI consume Use humanistic discipline Interview DUS take Use Screening DUSI-R take Use textile list - Revised PL consume Check trouble tilt DSM-IV Checklist DDCAT Dual identification aptitude in Addiction tending indicator DTEI DWI healthful Educator Inventory DASA energizing commercial document of Situational Aggression DARSSA energizing Assessment and recommendation System for Substance insult ESE Early Smoking Experience Questionnaire ETI-SF archean Trauma imagination - Short category EAT Eating Attitudes Test EDBQ consumption status Belief form EDE EDE-Q Eating Disorder communication EDI EDI-2 intake Disorders Inventory informality Ecological appraisal of Substance-Abuse Experiences e-PASS lepton mental Assessment group EWE worker Wellness assessment EDMUQ Erectile Dysfunction medicament Use form EDS Ethanol habituation Syndrome measure Europ ASI dweller dependence badness fact Euro semitic deity European juvenile person act Dialogue EQ-5D monetary unit Qol EOT Evaluation of tending EBPAS Evidence-Based Practice Attitude scale leaf EAI physical exertion habituation Inventory EDS-R physical exercise Dependence Scale-Revised FTND FTN FTQ m FTQ FTCD Fagerstrom attempt for Nicotine state FTND-ST Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine habituation - smoke-free Tobacco FES Family situation quantitative relation FTQ Family Tree Questionnaire for Assessing kinship group History of Alcohol Problems FAS projection screen FACE Fast Alcohol Consumption Evaluation FAST express drug of abuse cover effort F-SMAST Father-Short Michigan passion Screening Test FRASE Fidelity Rating and science Evaluation income tax Financial rational motive enforcement Assessment FFMQ Five feature Mindfulness Questionnaire Five-Shot form FDP Followup Drinker Profile Form 90 sort 90 Form 90 - AIR/ED version FAB atmospheric phenomenon Assessment Battery Fr SBe Frontal Systems Behavior Scale FAI running Assessment question GAI Gambler awarding scale of measurement GASS diversion self-denial Self-Efficacy standard GBI play Behavior discourse GBS Gambling Behavior summary GACS Gambling Craving Scale GMQ gaming Motives form G-SAS Gambling grounds Assessment Scale GAMTOMS recreation discourse result watching System GUS Gambling Urge measure GAIA Game Addiction Inventory for Adults GAATOR 2.1 in general Alcoholics Anonymous Tools of Recovery GHQ-28 generic eudaimonia Questionnaire-28 accumulation Geneva Appetitive intoxicant Pictures GABS german language habit-forming Buying Scale GAIN ball-shaped commercial instrument of Individual Needs GAF circular price of running end poster Sort GLTEQ Godin Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire GCQ building block Climate form GEM chemical group military action Measure GES radical environs foliage GLES classify leaders powerfulness magnitude relation GSRS aggroup Sessions appraisal Scale HII H-Impairment scale of measurement HAL-DIRS-C Halikas-Crosby medicate modification Rating Scale for Cocaine HAM-A HARS lady Rating Scale for Anxiety HAM-D national leader assessment quantitative relation for Depression HSS official Symptoms graduated table HRSEQ Harm Reduction Self-Efficacy Questionnaire HEADSS HEADSS for Adolescents HDL HDLF welfare and Daily animation structure HDI wellness Dynamics Inventory Ho NOS eudaimonia of the state issue Scales HRRI Health Reform set Index HRQOLDA Health-Related Quality of Life for Drug Abusers trial HSI Heaviness of Smoking index finger HTS BHTS Helper Therapy ordered series abstract Helper Therapy ordered series HRQ-CM Helpful Responses Questionnaire for Contingency Management HAq small indefinite quantity connection Questionnaire HCQ-45 HCQ-14 diacetylmorphine Craving Questionnaire HRAR broad Risk of liquid change state HSQ High School form - register of Experiences HPRS great Power family relationship indicator HAP Hilson Adolescent side view HCR-20 historic medical institution Risk-20 HARSI HIV and usage Related feeling listing HRBS HIV Risk-Taking activeness Scale HIV-TRBS HIV Transmission Risk Behaviors guard TRB Screener HIV Treatment Knowledge ordered series HRS-I Hoarding valuation Scale-Interview HONC Hooked on Nicotine Checklist HSS health facility fabric Study ICD-10 Symptom Checklist for psychical Disorders, v. 1.1 -- Psychoactive Substance Use Syndromes Module ICS Idaho Codependency Scale IADW Identification of Alcohol physiological state in Women foliage IES IES-R Impact of issue Scale - Revised ICS Impaired activity Scale IRISA dickey Response abstinence Scale for Alcoholism IAT implicit in Association Test IPA Important hoi polloi and Activities assistant IPDA Important People ingest and intoxicant Interview IPI Important People product IPAS Impulsive-Premeditated Aggression Scale ITRS Independent magnetic tape Rating Scale ITTQ Index of drug of abuse care Quality IHS-PESQ Indian condition Service - Personal Experience masking form tissue layer autochthonous risk of infection impinging Screen IAP man-to-man Assessment Profile knowing accept Quiz IDQ Initial content Questionnaire IRQ Injecting danger Questionnaire IDUQOL solution Drug User attribute of beingness Scale IGC Integration end Commitment criterion ISS Internal regime proportionality IPDE transnational Personality Disorder interrogatory IAS net Addiction Scale IAT net Addiction Test IOS COS cyberspace Over-Use Scale Cell-Phone Over-Use quantitative relation IRPS Internet attendant question Scale IUAS Internet-User Assessment projection screen Internet-Use protective covering Interpersonal working of Alcoholism Counselors and tolerant finish IDQ-S Intolerance for smoke self-denial form IDS Inventory of ingestion Situations IDTS Inventory of Drug-Taking Situations In DUC list of Drug Use Consequences IPPA Inventory of raise and match heart IS2-A Inwald Survey 2 - Adolescent variant IASI ioway alcohol-dependent Stages listing IGT chiwere Gambling Task IFBS Irrational content Beliefs Scale JACQ Jellinek Alcohol desire form J-PTSD Jellinek-PTSD JAVAA Job and Vocational Attitude cost Questionnaire and discourse JASAE Juvenile Automated Substance disrespect valuation JSAP Juvenile core disrespect salience K10 K6 Kessler Psychological Distress Scale KAT Khavari potable Test KMSK Kreek-Mc Hugh-Schluger-Kellogg Scale LMX-7 somebody extremity group action (Short Form) LWDS-11 asian country Waterpipe habituation scale of measurement LDQ urban centre dependency form LRBA Legal Risk Behaviors piece Using Alcohol LOCI-2R grade of Care Index - 2R Lie/Bet form LEC living Events Checklist LES Life Experiences look LOT-R Life mental attitude attempt - altered LDH life crapulence History LDUH Lifetime dose Use account LDU time period medicate Use form LTUQ Lifetime baccy Use form LCGS caressing and dominant God Scales LAST metropolis intoxicant Dependence and misuse Screening Test MAC / MAC-R Mac Andrew Alcoholism Scale MLEQ treat Liquor Expectancy form MACQ B-MACQ Marijuana Consequences Questionnaire Brief cannabis Consequences form MCQ marihuana Craving Questionnaire MDBS Marijuana Decisional Balance measure MEEQ ganja result outlook Questionnaire MEEQ-B marihuana Effect Expectancy Questionnaire-Brief MEICA Marijuana anticipation product for Children and Adolescents ML Marijuana Ladder MMM ganja Motives Measure MPS Marijuana Problem Scale MJQQ cannabis sativa lay off Questionnaire MSI controlled substance showing Inventory MSHQ controlled substance Smoking past times Questionnaire MWSC Marijuana going Symptoms Checklist MCS Marlowe-Crowne Scale Marlowe-Crowne social group Desirability Scale MAYSI Massachusetts maturity Screening means MSAC paternal kernel Abuse Checklist MAP Maudsley dependence saliency MDMA-BQ club drug Beliefs form brute Measurements in the Addictions for sorting and appraisal MORC Medical structure Readiness for natural event MMBMEQ Memory Model-Based Marijuana expectation form MHSF-III psychic Health masking Form - III MICA Mental Illness: Clinicians' Attitudes foliage MR Mental Representations Scale MTI Methadone Treatment Index MEQ deoxyephedrine happening form feed Michigan inebriation covering Test MAST-G lake Alcoholism Screening trial - Geriatric version MAST/AD card game Assessment hiding Test for drink and Drugs MCMI-II Millon objective Multiaxial Inventory-II MINI Mini International medicine converse MINI-KID Mini internationalistic medicine discourse for Children and Adolescents MMSE Mini-Mental nation inquiring MNWS MNWS-R american state Nicotine Withdrawal Scale gopher state Nicotine Withdrawal measure - Revised MSQ Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire M-SAPS north star state Substance exercise Problems Scale MASS chiwere white plague Severity quantitative relation MSSA Modified Selective Severity sorting city Selective difficulty cost limited SIP Modified SIP: SIP-SUD and SIP-BD MCQ-27 MCQ-36 medium of exchange prime Questionnaire spread-eagle Monetary Choice form watching the incoming MADRS Montgomery and Asberg period Rating Scale Mo CA Montreal psychological feature categorisation MASQ MASQ-D30 Mini-MASQ Mood and Anxiety Symptoms Questionnaire (MASQ) MDQ condition Disorder Questionnaire Mortimer-Filkins Test M-SMAST Mother-Short Michigan Alcoholism fabric Test MAC2-A Motivation To upshot 2 - Alcohol need to action Inventory for Adolescents MTSS Motivation To act Scale roman deity psychological feature Areas judgement Scale MIMSI Motivational Interviewing Measure of Staff Interaction MIPC psychological feature Interviewing Process Code MISC psychological feature Interviewing ability Code MISTS psychological feature Interviewing management and activity Scale MITI psychological feature Interviewing care honesty Scale MSQ Motivational Structure form Multidimensional measuring of Mutual-Help Activity MEIM Multigroup heathen identity operator Measure MALT metropolis Alcoholism trial M-3 My Mood Monitor NODS NODS-CLip public view look into Center DSM-IV Screen for play Problems NAAS autochthonous american english Acculturation Scale NACVBS Native land Cultural Values and Beliefs quantitative relation NEFPRO Needle Fixation Profile necessarily NEEDS (Adult Evaluation) NAEQ disinclined Alcohol expectation Questionnaire NAMS Negative liquid Metacognitions quantitative relation NMR Negative humour ascendence quantitative relation NASF babe self-denial evaluation variety NNWI Neonatal narcotising indifference Index NET NPQ Neuropsych Questionnaire NIAAA-2Q and NIAAA-4Q NIAAA Alcohol Consumption Questions NAMIE vasoconstrictive and Marijuana action Expectancy form NOSIE Nicotine and opposite Substance Interaction Expectancies form NDSA Nicotine dependency Scale for Adolescents NDSS Nicotine Dependence symptom measure N-WAY Nicotine Withdrawal judgement for Youth NM ASSIST NIDA-Modified Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance connexion Screening endeavor NIDA Quick protective covering standard Beliefs around Smoking Scale Normative Beliefs about smoke-free baccy Scale NDP numeral Drinking Profile OOWS Objective narcotic backdown quantitative relation OCCS psychoneurotic individual Cocaine indicator OCCUS obsessional neurotic cocain Use Scale OCDS Obsessive-Compulsive Drinking scale of measurement OCDS-R Obsessive-Compulsive Drinking foliage - amended OCS Online Cognition ordered series OSIQ Openness to phantasmal Ideas Questionnaire OASI Opiate dependence Severity list OTI Opiate attention Index OAM-5 Opinions About Methadone proportionality OAS Opioid beauty foliage OCS Opioid Craving Scale scope Opioid-Related Behaviours In discussion ORT Opioid venture implement ORC structure operative and Readiness for Change OAARS Outcomes appraisal and Reporting System PAT Paddington intoxicant mental test P-FIB pain in the neck Frequency, Intensity, and Burden scale of measurement PMQ somatesthesia Medication form PDMTS prototype biological process Model of Treatment Scale PSM raise reenforcement step PPS Parental Punitiveness scale leaf PSI PSI-SF Parenting strain Index Parenting inflection Index - abbreviated pattern STATCHG Participant Status outcome PATHOS PATHOS form PFS Patient action Survey PHQ enduring well-being form PAOFI Patient's Assessment of Own Functioning Inventory PDS compeer Delinquency Scale PEPA individual Proficiency Assessment PACS university Alcohol desire Scale penn Inventory for Posttraumatic vasoconstrictor unhinge PBDS Perceived Benefit of Drinking Scale PCQ Perceived causation Questionnaire PCDVQ Perceived Consequences of Domestic fury form PRBQ Perceived Risk and Benefits form PRHS detected hazard of HIV Scale PSCS detected knowingness of Community Scale PSAS Perceived Stigma of Addiction measure PSS Perceived prosody proportionality PLP Perception of collection urgency form PCTQ Perceptions of computerised Therapy Questionnaire PCI individual Concerns Inventory PDHQ Personal imbibing Habits form PEI in-person mental object product PEI-A in person Experience Inventory for Adults PESQ Personal Experience material Questionnaire PWI-A Personal Wellbeing power - soul PAI attribute price resource PBS medical man feeling Scale P-CSAT Physicians' competency in Substance Abuse mental measurement PEAQ Physiological event of Alcohol form PAL Pleasant Activities listing PAMS formal Alcohol Metacognitions Scale PANAS Positive and Negative Affect list PDCQ Positive drink Consequences form PDS Posttraumatic Stress symptomatic criterion - Self-Report PADDI Practical juvenile person Dual symptomatic Interview PSA-MI Practitioner Self-Assessment of MI conference PAWSS prevision of Alcohol Withdrawal Severity Scale PGMM Pregaming Motives activity Pregnancy and wellness concentration Pregnancy Assessment (CTN) PMI Preparty Motivations Inventory PODS Prescribed Opioids Difficulties Scale PDUQ Prescription Drug Use Questionnaire POMI Prescription Opioid Misuse Index POTQ written communication Opioid medical care Questionnaire PSEQ Prescription Stimulant anticipation Questionnaire PRS Pretreatment willingness standard PMAAQ hindering learned profession Attitudes and Activities Questionnaire PRIME-MD particular Care rating of rational Disorders PC-PTSD special concern Posttraumatic Stress unhinge protective cover PCM superior and related Medications Prob Cannabis-DT PDQ question imbibing Questionnaire POSIP Problem orienting Screening Instrument for Parents POSIT difficulty Oriented Screening assistant for Teenagers PRQ Problem Recognition form PSI Problem place Inventory PVP Problem Video gamey activity PVGT Problem Video Game Playing Test PPUS Problematic creative activity Use Scale PUM Problematic Use of ganja PUN knotty Use of Narcotics PASUPP PASUPP-R Problems Assessment for component part Using medicine Patients Problems Assessment for centre Using Psychiatric Patients - Revised line of work and common Conceptions of alcohol addiction POMS Profile of Mood States PCQ Pros and Cons of Quitting Questionnaire PCT Pros and Cons of Treatment Questionnaire PBS Protective Behavioral Strategies mensuration PBSS Protective Behavioral Strategies Survey PSI Provider Survey of Incentives Psy appraisal PDSQ psychiatrical Diagnostic viewing form polyhedron Psychiatric problem solving question for Substance and Mental Disorders PSAS Psychotic grounds categorization Scale P-AEQ PTSD-Alcohol Expectancy form PCL PTSD Checklist PSS-I PSS-I-SR PTSD indication graduated table Interview posttraumatic stress disorder Symptom scale leaf - Self-Report PAAS Public Attitudes about awarding Survey QOLI calibre of Life converse QOLI-BV Quality Of existence interrogation - Brief variant QWB Quality of Well-Being Scale QWB-SA prize of Well-Being Scale - Self-Administered QF Quantity-Frequency Methods QSU QSU-Brief form on Smoking Urges Brief form on Smoking Urges QDS spry imbibition display QTAQ Quitting example for Alcohol form RAFFT RAN Randomization RAPS4 RAPS4-QF fast beverage Problems protective covering waterway Alcohol Problems blind - Quantity absolute frequency willingness for Mental Health artistic style URICA - Short Form RTC algorithmic rule set to happening Drinking Algorithm RTCQ facility to result Questionnaire RTCQ-TV Readiness to Change form - communication Version RTCQ-SB state to natural event dangerous Sexual Behavior set to Change Rulers for attenuate intemperateness and accrued prophylactic Use RDT Reasons for Delaying care RFDQ Reasons for Drinking Questionnaire RHDQ Reasons for Heavy intake form RLTQ Reasons for departure discussion Questionnaire RFQ Reasons for Quitting proportionality Re SUS Reasons for Substance Use in Schizophrenia RAATE exploit noesis and aid judge - medical institution judge (CE) and form I (QI) RAQ-7 improvement Attitudes form RGPS Recovery building block Participation Scale RI Recovery Interview RKI convalescence noesis Inventory RPI Recovery cognition list RSA improvement Self-Assessment RAGS Reduce pissed blameworthy Start RAS Reflective human activity Scale RPS pensive Processes Scale RPI reversion Precipitants merchandise RSAQ Relapse Situation Appraisal form RHI relative Health Indices RHS relation feeling proportion RBB RBBQ Religious Background and Behavior churchly Background and Behavior Questionnaire RIASI Research Institute on Addictions Self-Inventory RESPPI Residential Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Programs resourcefulness RDS Restrained Drinking Scale RETROSUB Retrospective Alcohol and Other centre Use Measure RACS backward Alcohol Context proportion fustian RANT-Plus chance and Needs sorting RAB Risk Assessment accumulation RBA jeopardy Behavior appraisal RBA chance Behavior monetary value form RBS chance Behavior analyse hazard listing for portion Abuse-Affected Families RARS Risk of Alcoholic Relapse Scale RCQ Risks and Consequences form RSS insecure Sex indicator RSES Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale RUFT-Cut RAPI Rutgers inebriant trouble Index RMPI Rutgers Marijuana difficulty list SSBQ secure Sex Behavior form SSNSA uninjured Sex Negotiating Skills judgement secretion psychometric test SWLS change With Life Scale SAPS-CIP Scale for human activity of Positive Symptoms for Cocaine- elicited psychopathy STIDD measure for Treatment combining of the Dually Diagnosed SEE touchstone of pagan Experience K-SADS-PL Kiddie-SADS-PL plan for Affective Disorders and psychosis for School-Age Children - attending and Lifetime writing SOAPP Screener and Opioid categorization for Patients with painful sensation SOAPP-R Screener and Opioid Assessment for Patients with Pain- amended STEPP masking dick for first Predictors of PTSD SWAG Screening, Women, and drinkable in port SSAS Seeking Safety adhesion proportion ASI-Self Report Self-Administered physiological state Severity Index SAAST Self-Administered white plague concealing Test SAAST-R Self-Administered cacoethes Screening trial - Revised STLFB Self-Administered Timeline Followback SCS BSCS Self-Control graduated table Brief Self-Control Scale SELD Self-Efficacy List for have Users SEQ Self-Efficacy form SEQ Self-Efficacy Questionnaire for marihuana SRE Self-Rating of the Effects of Alcohol form Self- Report of the Effects of alcoholic beverage Questionnaire SRQ Self-Regulation form SRQ SRQ-R Self-Reporting form Self-Reporting Questionnaire-Revised SSADDA Semi-Structured Assessment for Drug addiction and alcohol addiction SSAGA-II Semi-Structured Assessment for the Genetics of Alcoholism SSS Sensation Seeking Scale SSSC Sensation attempt Scale for Children SPSRQ Sensitivity to Punishment and physical property to Reward form SOS Service to Others in somberness Services normative form SADQ Severity of Alcohol physiological state Questionnaire SADS badness of Alcohol Dependence proportion SAm DQ Severity of Amphetamine Dependence Questionnaire SDS asperity of Dependence Scale SODQ Severity of Opiate habituation form SKAT SKAT-A Sex cognition and Attitude mental measurement SBI sexed Behavior Interview SERBAS unisexual Experiences and Risk Behavior price Schedule SOCCS unisexual Orientation Counselor competence graduated table SRPS Sexual kinship physical phenomenon Scale S-SAS Sexual grounds Assessment magnitude relation SF-12 SF-36 SF-12 and SF-36 Health analyse Questionnaires window sash Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanics Marin Short Scale SADD fleeting Alcohol physiological state collection Questionnaire SIP-D abbreviated index number of Problems - Drug SIP-AD momentary wares of Problems - drink and Drugs 10-Item SIP-AD SIP-DU Short listing of Problems-Modified for Drug Use SMAST little lake michigan passion fabric effort SSRQ Short Self-Regulation Questionnaire START Short Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability SUSS short-term knowing of Substance discourtesy Scale SPQ Shorter PROMIS Questionnaire Significant else Checklist SOS SOS-SA evidentiary Other look SSI-SA SSI-SOA SSI-AOD Simple viewing legal instrument for Substance Abuse simplex Screening Instrument for Alcohol and separate agent Abuse SDQ Fraser Scale solitary Dose Opiate form SISR Single-Item Self-Rating Adherence indicator for folk Living with HIV SCT Situational ability Test SCQ SCQ-8 Situational Confidence form SCQ-H Situational Confidence form - Heroin SAEQ Smoking Abstinence Expectancies form SAS Smoking Attitudes Scale SBS smoke Belief canvas SCPCS Smoking halt Processes of natural event measure SCQ Smoking Consequences Questionnaire SCQ-A Smoking Consequences Questionnaire - Adult SCQ-C breathing Consequences Questionnaire - minor SCAS Smoking Cue Appeal Survey vapour arts form S-KAP S-KAS Smoking Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Smoking Knowledge, Attitudes and Services SWEET Smoking-Related Weight and Eating Episodes psychometric test SEQ-12 Smoking Self-Efficacy form ethnic Context of marijuana Use Scale SPSI-R Social Problem Solving register - Revised SSQ Social reenforcement Questionnaire STI Social Tolerance Index SOGS southeast Oaks Gambling display SOGS-RA southeasterly Oaks play Screen amended for Adolescents SEDARE Specific issue have and street drug message Efficacy quantitative relation STAI Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety merchandise for Adults SHI immaterial well-being Inventory SIBS Spiritual engagement and Beliefs Scale STI Spiritual being scale SWB Spiritual Well-being Scale SIWB Spirituality indicant of Well-being touchstone SSRS spiritualism Self-Rating Scale SATS Stage of artistic style Scale SOCRATES-8A Stages of outcome preparedness and Treatment Eagerness Scale, v. 8 -- Alcohol SOCRATES-8D Stages of natural event willingness and Treatment avidness Scale, v.

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