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President Trump’s plain campaign to anger and transfer every one of America’s alinement continued unabated this week with the quicksilver have accusing the island government of wiretapping him, founded on no evidence other than the imaging of a previous TV magistrate turned Fox news program contributor, and a truly outre convergence with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. During their phantasmagoric joint imperativeness conference, trumpet was asked close to his baseless allegations of wiretapping against former corporate executive Obama. He premier danced around the answer, before directing any further questions on the matter toward “a very gifted attorney on Fox”—you know, the aforesaid syndicated TV official Andrew Napolitano, whose imaginary mortal told him that Obama had British intelligence monitor Trump.

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Bill Maher’s Bizarre Lovefest with Breitbart’s Editor-in-Chief on ‘Real Time’

This period of time and attempted to get back on liberals’ great line by grilling Breitbart word editor-in-chief Alex Marlow. Instead, the HBO host chose to treat Marlow with kid gloves, a lot in the same manner as discredited ex-Breitbart worker milo maize Yiannopoulos, who he largely agreed with and complimented ad nauseam—only to see the ridiculous performance artist get exposed for promoting hebephilia days later. Maher didn’t ask Marlow why the site turned a green-blind eye to—or rather, wholeheartedly embraced—Yiannopoulos’ transmisogyny and preconception for so long, or why Breitbart’s site communicating has cratered since horn was elected, or why early honcho Steve Bannon proprietary it a “platform for the alt-right,” or why ex-employee Ben Shapiro labeled it “Pravda for Trump.” He failed to bring up writer Katie Mc Hugh, who was recently fired for her Islamophobic and racist remarks next the London Bridge attack or whether owners the Mercers cows editorial reporting to be favorable to business executive Trump. The comparable affair with the Kathy Griffin thing, with material possession up President Trump’s cognition with lineage on it, which was not funny. “I differ with that too,” said Maher in agreement. subsequently lobbing a few softball game questions roughly why Breitbart has thus far failed to cover the current FBI probes into the Trump camp, from possibility Trump-Russia collusion to the recent revelation that the President himself is below investigation for deterrent of justice, Maher brought up the recent dramatist in the common production of “If Obama was Julius statesman and he got stabbed, I anticipate liberals would be angry about that,” Maher remarked. “I don’t think they should have got Trump musical performance Julius sid caesar and getting stabbed, and I hate Trump…So we’re agreeing that on that point are any places where footloose speech does pause.”Only there at the nonclassical woody guthrie Theater in urban centre in 2012 portrayal Obama as Caesar, and liberals didn’t bat an eye.

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Maher & Sam Harris: Left Has Allied With Islamists; "Self-Loathing" Liberals Think We're Just As Bad | Video | RealClearPolitics

Sam Harris and account Maher talk about the difficulty of radical Islam, and the religion itself, on Friday's sough of Real second on HBO. Harris, a evaluator of faith and religion in general, said the movement ban is a "terrible idea." However, Harris criticized the left-handed of allying themselves with "Islamists and closeted Islamists." Related Video: Ben Affleck Melts Down Debating Islam With Sam diplomat And account Maher: "That's total And Racist" "You don't someone to be a fascist or a bigot or fifty-fifty a Trumpian to not want to foreigner folk into your guild who think cartoonists should be killed for drawing the prophet," Harris told Maher. "In the proximate aftermath of Orlando we someone Clinton speaking about gun control, only, and then admonishing the concept country the whole country not to be racist," Harris said.

Bill Maher Blasts Trump’s Sexism Toward Angela Merkel: ‘He Obviously Hates Her’


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